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PT. ATHOTAMA has been providing crewing and ship management services to same of the leading shipping companies of the world for crew change in Indonesia port for foreign crew .
 Our dedicated team will correspondent and monitor for all operation from beginning up to departure from Indonesia port / air port.
In addition on going training and profesional development are essential for running a successful shipping bussines , in recognition of the grow in demand for highly qualified nautical and technical staff in future.
Selection and reqruitment of officers and crew phase significant challenges to any crewing agency because of the longdraw out process involved.
Here at ATHOTAMA crewing we engage all our available resources to these task so that our clients maybe assured thar their vessel are in competent hands. This reqruitment methode involves a rigorus process including screaning and interview by senior and experienced Master and Engineers 
selection and briefing in order to find the right fit for every vessels and candidate. During this process, all our personel are made fully aware of their professional obligation and responsible during engagement.