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“We have a professional team with years of experience in providing the service solution you need, so you can be sure of cost, time, and safety”

Our Service :


Shipping Agency

We have a professional team with years of experience. We seek to understand and to fulfill our clients requirements down to details and we do what is takes to protect owner interest. we provide efficient cost saving solutions in the complexed and completive Indonesian Shipping market. We will provide service with:

1. Superb communication, quick response and to ensure that all documents required are followed up.

2. Constant monitoring and evaluation of performance, before, during and after vessel sailed.

3. Coordination and cost saving solutions of any unexpected situations that might occur.



We have a team experienced in loading and unloading activities so that you can be sure about speed, accuracy and safety in carrying out activities. In addition, to ensure safety in activities, our team use equipment with applicable standards so that loading and unloading activities can run smoothly. The project that have been carried out by our team are loading/unloading cargo and loading/unloading bulk. We are committed to providing the best service to clients in all implementation processes carried out including by adopting the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Standard which was certified by IAPMO - USA on February 2, 2011. 

Crew Change

Our team usually handles crew change that is the process of changing sailor based on a plan or schedule determined by the shipping company because sailor contracts have been completed so they have to change positions on the ship. Crew officer from our side will coordinate with several parties such as the captain of the ship, the travel department, sailor who will sign on or sign off, and the local port agent at the place of crew change.

Freight Forwarding

Our service covering project logistic planning, budgeting, and consultancy also arrange special transportation equipment,including:

1. Customs Clearance (Export/Import).

2. Port Handling (Roll Off/On, Truck Lossing/Loading).

3. Land Transportation (Flat Bed / Low Bed / Multi Axles Trailer, Extended Trailer).

4. Sea Transportation (Break Bulk Vessel, Barge, LCT).

5. Loading / Unloading (by cranes, jacking/forklift).


Cash to Master

Conditions on board make it difficult to receive cash directly while cash is needed to pay wages, new parts and supplies. we provide a cash to master service that is bring some money to the ship and then the money is given to the captain of the ship. The average cost of Cash to Master depends on the amount, exchange rate, location and conditions.


Emergency Shipping

We provide emergency delivery services for situations such as natural disasters or emergency shipping needs in the business sector. Emergency delivery services can help get rescue materials to their destination quickly like a Pallet or crates filled with water and food, heavy equipment, machinery and medical supplies are all items we can help move.