We’re committing to become one stop service of company to serve you, which we also organizes shipment  for individuals or corporations to get large order from the manufacturer or producer to market or final point of distribution. We’ll contract with a carrier to facilitate the movement of goods. Of course our company expert in supply chain management in other word, we’re a “travel agent”, for the cargo industry, or a third-party logistics provider carrier to move manufactured goods. Freight can be booked on a variety of carrier types, including ships, airplanes, trucks and railroads. It’s not unusual for a shipment to move along its route on multiple carrier types.

Our services covering Project Logistic Planning, Design, Budgeting and consultancy also arrange special Transportation equipment, including:

  • Customs Clearance [Export/Import]
  • Port Handling [Roll Off/On, Truck Losing/Loading]
  • Land Transportation [Flat Bed/Low Bed, Multi Axles Trailer, Extended Trailer]
  • Sea Transportation [Break bulk Vessel, Barge, LCT]
  • Loading/Unloading [by Cranes, Jacking/Rolling Forklift]


The movement of activity from one service to another requires a whole scientific discipline by itself, Stevedoring Service. Over the years of its experiences our group has recognized the need and apply stevedoring to its array of services We have strived to meet this need and today we are proud to say that we are indeed equipped and experienced to provide stevedoring services to our clients.

PT. Atho Tama provides integrated stevedoring services to industrial clients in the whole region which equipped with loading/unloading equipment tailored to the conditions of cargo.

Together with subsidiary company, for stevedoring is a discipline that requires the support of others elements within scope of the aver all transportation industry.

To improve our clients satisfaction with commitment to excellences in all process we have adopted The Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 which certified by IAPMO-USA on February 02, 2011.

The ability in Stevedoring, warehousing to the ownership of vessels of different types and range, its Ship Operating and Ship Agency all contribute to the success of our company group. Over and above this, is the fad that our group of companies exist in the major port of Indonesian, such as Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Perak, Cilegon and Satan this assures the seamless stevedoring service for the benefit of our Clients.



PT. Atho Tama has been providing crewing and ship management services to some of the leading shipping companies of the world for nearly two decades. Our dedicated team can be relied not only to ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations on board a ship involving the entire crew from cadet to captain but also to handle sophisticated payroll administration and deployment planning strategies including the post monitoring and controlling during their duties on board to ensure the relevant qualification.

In addition, ongoing training and professional development are essential for running a successful shipping business, in recognition of the growing demand for highly qualified nautical and technical staff in future, PT. Atho Tama attaches great significance to training and professional development initiatives.
Selection and recruitment of officers and crew pose significant challenges to any crewing agency because of the long drawn out process involved. Here at AB Crewing we engage all our available resources to these tasks so that our clients may be assured their vessels are in competent hands. This recruitment method involves a rigorous process of screening, interviewing selection and briefing, in order to find the right fit for every vessel and candidate during this process, all our personnel are made fully aware of their professional obligations and responsibilities during the engagement.


Shipping Agency service means the fulfillment of operations regarding passenger, cargo, maintenance/repair, survey, supply, change of personnel, loading/discharging having plot/tugboat service and etc. of naval and commercial vessels and vehicles which are calling at Indonesian ports.

PT. Atho Tama is a team of experienced professionals with a portfolio of strong industry backgrounds in every situation, we seek to understand and to fulfill our clients’ requirement and protect their interests. With our management team having more than 15 years experienced, we are in an advantageous position to understand this complexity and competitive market anticipate problems, and boner provide tailor-made solutions to meet our clients’ demands. PT. Atho Tama we demonstrate our commitment to our clients by meeting their requirements with consistently high-quality shipping agency services while minimizing their costs.

Our services cover all phases of the shipping process. We provide a consistently high level of both intelligence and analysis and on-the ground implementation and support services to shipping companies doing business in any Indonesian Port. Dedicated services, a clear focus, and experienced professionals ensure PT. Atho Tama delivers:

  • Quick response and up-to-date to all document and correspondences process
  • Cost savings
  • Constant monitoring and evaluation of performance
  • Customized management information reports
  • Consistent level of service, regardless of port location
  • Global solutions for port call management cash management, fuel and spare - parts management
  • Financial and operational transparency
  • Highly skilled and experienced industry professionals
  • Reputation for reliability and responsiveness to customer requests
  • Reputation for financial responsibilities
  • Close relationships with local port authorities ensuring expeditious berthing - and sailing of vessels
  • Efficient and economical shipping solutions with intelligence and analysis on prospective shipments Day-to-day port disbursement tracking for the duration of vessel calls
  • Competitive port D/A rates through contractual relationships with local ports On the ground implementation and prompt in-port vessel reporting 24 hours a day 24/7/365 time service
  • Coordination and solved of any unexpected situation for each in-port vessel

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