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The movement of activity one service to another requires a whole scientific dicipline by it self, Stevedoring service.Over the years of its experiences our group has recognized the need to apply stevedoring to its area of services We have strived to meet this need and today we are proud to say that we are indeed equipped and experienced to provide stevedoring services to our clients.
PT. ATHOTAMA provides integrated stevedoring services to industrial clients in the whole region which equipped with loading / unloading equipment tailored to the conditions of cargo.
Together with subsidiary company,for stevedoring is ad dicipline that requires the support of other element within scope of the overall transportation industry.
To improve our clients satisfaction with the commitment to excellences in all process we have adopted the quality management standard ISO 9001 : 2008 which certified by IAPMO - USA on February 02, 2011.
The ability in stevedoring, warehousing to the ownership of vessel of different types and range, its ship operating and shipping agency all contribute to the success of our company group. Over and above this, that our group of companies exist in the major port of indonesia, This assure the seamless stevedoring service for the benafit of our clients.